Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn Yoga Wellness

Auyrvedic/Yoga Health Wisdom
For Fall
Autumn is characterized by the qualities of dryness and wind according to Auyrvedic medicine, a system of wellness in accordance to the Seasons that dates back to the origins of Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage.
In this system, the body naturally stays in balance if we change our yoga/diet and lifestyles to reflect the change in Season
Yoga Practice
Ground your practice ( and the quality of Air or Vata) with longer held standing postures to strengthen and support upcoming winter sports.
Create Heat Internally. More Sun Salutations, and Inversions done with the external heat turned up slightly to create intensity. It's good to create some part of your Fall practice that is almost aerobic or gets your heart rate up, as much as important to ground yourself with long holds, twists and longer svasana.
Longer meditation and pranayama focus ( try your best to sit for 15- 20 minutes a day. Upon rising is best or just before bed)
Pranayama focus is Kapalibathi Breath or Skull Shinning Breath. Again for heat, detox, and calorie burn.
Food Practice
We all have different food intake needs, so stick with what works best for you. However, if you are experimenting with an Ayurveda/Yogic lifestyle, take a hint from Mother Nature. Include dark leafy greens, root veggies, lean red meat (if you eat meat) beans, legumes, and qinioa. Certain Ayurveda "types" will be attracted to eat a load of sugar or Carbs, resist this! It will make you slothful, add extra weight, lower your immunity and to much growth of yeast bacteria. If you stick to heavy proteins, root veggs, red wine, and leafy greens, you will continue to be healthy and lean all winter.
Local Honey. Honey, among it's other amazing qualities, is a natural antiseptic and healing agent. Dark, raw , local honey is rich in calcium, copper, zinc and iron.
Wellness Practice
Get your beauty sleep!! After a playful summer, take Nature's cue, and begin to hunker down, store sleep and energy.
Wake early (6:30am...do your best) and sleep early to restore and rest.
Neti Pot- a nasal cleansing system that clears out your nasal passages with a slightly salty warm water ( more detail on my Lionheart Yoga Training Facebook Page)
Love your self up....with a warming oil. Sesame, light olive. After a hot shower, rub all over body, let soak, then rub off excess with a towel. This sends a message of comfort to your brain and helps lube the skin from a dry and windy season.
Oil your nose. Yes, you heard me. Lube that sucker up with the same body oil, to keep passages moist and disease free.
Sauna. Steam as often as you can.
Smile. Tell yourself and someone else you love them. Hang out with friends, in community where a lot of laughter is created. The good feelings and hugs will ward off winter blues, you will create joy, and you'll look better smiling too!
Honey Lemon Dressing
1/4 Cup fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons local honey
2 tablespoons xtra virgin olive oil
To make dressing, combine the lemon juice and honey in a bowl. whisk vigorously, and add oil slowly.
You can add sesame seeds for a little crunch or Cayenne pepper (high in Vita C) for a jolt

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