Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Sports

In Spring Training, one of the most common muscle groups of complaint are hamstrings and hips. I suggest adding longer held 'down dog" pose, pigeon pose, and laying on your back with knees into chest, hands behind knees or "happy baby" pose. All of these poses focus on 'lengthening' your posterior chain, and creating flexibility around the hip joints and pelvic region. Longer held poses will begin to create the flexibility that you are looking for. Hold each pose for at least a minute, and BREATHE!

Lionheart Yoga Training
Spring Workshops:

Seattle Athletic Club
April 4th 6-8pm
$15 for members
(non members pay additional $15 day use fee)

Kick start your Spring Sports Training Program with a yoga training session with Lionheart Yoga Training !!!

Individual Training
from $70 an hour
Team Training
from $150
Sports Stretching Session
from $70

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