Monday, May 24, 2010

Urdvha Muka Svasana--Upward Facing Dog

Urdvha Muka Svasana--Upward Facing Dog

Yeah!! Sun is peeking it's elusive head out more often these days. For all those winter months we Seattleites have been hunched over our computers and bundled against the rain, and it's high time to open our chests (and hearts) to the Sun's warmth!!

Upward Facing Dog is a quintessential pose in the Ashtanga/Power Yoga/Vinyasa warm up sequence that opens the chest, strengthens the arms, and provides a strong back bend when done correctly." Up Dog "provides much needed space to breathe, strength for triceps, deltoids, traps, and core. Back bends are very energizing and calming when done in combination with a forward bend (like Down Dog, or standing forward bend) Most summer sports including, Cycling, Soccer, Squash/Tennis, Swimming would GREATLY benefit from Up Dog, because so many of those sports require the body to constantly be in a hunched or forward moving motion. Up Dog provides a much needed back bend relief.

Let's begin:
It's best to warm up for 10 minutes doing gentle poses (refer to past blogs for more info) before moving into Upward Facing Dog.

1.From Downward Facing Dog, roll your shoulders forward over the hands to a strong Plank pose.
2.Slowly, with elbows grazing the sides of your body, lower like a board, all the way to the mat.
3.Slide wrists back to the middle of the rib cage ( your bra strap line....sorry gents, you'll have to use your imagination!)
and with your hands as flat as a pancake and fingers spread wide to protect the wrists, push yourself up and forward through the arms til your legs are off the floor. Your chest should be forward of your wrists,shoulders away from your ears, elbows very slightly bent, low back in a deep arch, legs strong around the knee caps,and chin level to the floor. You should be able to breathe comfortably and have no pain in wrists or back. If you feel "pinched" in any way, please start with a variation, below.

Beginning Variations

1. Low Cobra-- from laying on your front side, squeeze your glutes and shoulder blades together until your chest peels off of the floor. In this Up Dog variation, your hands can be under your shoulders, and very light on the mat. This still gives you a chest opener, without aggravating wrists or shoulder injuries.
2. Sphinx Pose- Similar to Cobra, from laying on your frontside, prop yourself up on your forearms, and make sure your glutes are SOFT in this pose, and shoulders down. This is usually a strong back bend for folks, so be conscious of your low back. Sphinx is also great to hold for 3-5 minutes with a pillow propped up under your belly for a way to actually release the low back. Follow with 25 reps of your favorite Crunch core work out.

From any of these variations, bend your knees on the floor, and push your hips back to Child's Pose or Down Dog for a counter pose to a back bend.

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